About Generation Now Asia

About Generation Now Asia

Empowering Taiwanese and Southeast Asian youth to create an extraordinary tomorrow!


Generation Now Asia (GNA) is dedicated to unleashing the power of youth changemakers, igniting their motivation and equipping them with the tools to tackle challenging human rights issues. We’re on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation to actively shape a better future for all.

We believe that nurturing a robust regional civil society is integral to enhancing resilience. In this pursuit, we recognize the indispensable role youth and grassroots communities play in building an inclusive society that upholds values such as equality, diversity and tolerance.

With our programs focusing on skill development, capacity building and multicultural experiences,  we aim to foster connections among driven young individuals from Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Together, we encourage their collective potential to drive meaningful change and a positive impact throughout the region.


Generation Now Asia (GNA, 亞洲鬧世代)致力於提供人權議題知識和倡議工具給有志青年,讓青年得以發揮他們的潛能和影響力。我們的終極使命是啟迪青年人權意識並賦予有志青年實踐共好社會的相應資源。