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《娘惹回憶錄》張福英 'Memories of a Nonya' Queeny Chang

《娘惹回憶錄》張福英 'Memories of a Nonya'  Queeny Chang

《娘惹回憶錄》張福英 'Memories of a Nonya' Queeny Chang





Recommended by Emily:
The book is an autobiography written by Queeny Chang. Writing at the age of 84, she portrays her entire life in delicate and gentle language, showcasing an 'ordinary' woman navigating through the tides of history, encountering various clashes with different values, and seeking her own path amidst the impact of the historical waves.

In fact, the author has a non-ordinary background. She is the daughter of the Chinese business tycoon and local Chinese community leader in Medan, Indonesia.

The complex and fluid identity regarding nation and race, the constant clash of values, and her woman's perspective allow us to gain a unique insight into East Asian modern history from her life experiences, which greatly differs from the grand historical and male-centric narrative.