Our Events 我們的活動

We host a series of educational community events and workshops for youth in Taiwan to build knowledge on grassroots engagement and provide young people with the necessary skills to drive meaningful change.


Free Hong: A call to free all Vietnamese climate defenders
【釋放 Hong 與所有受關押的越南環境人權鬥士 】
Join us for a talk on how Vietnam’s ruling communist party is targeting activists in the climate movement, not respecting their human rights and suppressing civil society’s participation in the country's energy transition.
這場座談會,我們邀請 350.org 的亞洲管理總監 張良伊分享#FreeHong 的倡議行動是如何串聯全球發起,並針對「越南政府是如何透過違反基本人權的方式,針對氣候運動行動者、公民意見領袖,壓制國內能源轉型中的公民聲音?」為主題,進一步討論與現場問答。

2023年11月17日 ~ 19日
Youth Capacity Building Program 亞洲鬧世代青年培力營
A three-day residential experience for young changemakers: Inviting Taiwanese and Southeast Asian youth to come together to build essential skills in human rights advocacy and campaign building for social change.

Past Events

2023年9月13日, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Youth Capacity Building Program Application Q&A
A Q&A session inviting anyone interested in attending our Youth Capacity Building Question to have the opportunity to raise any queries you may have about the application process and program