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一年有240億組密碼外洩!你還繼續用同一組密碼嗎? 24 Billion Passwords Leaked in 2022! Are You Still Using the Same Password Everywhere?

一年有240億組密碼外洩!你還繼續用同一組密碼嗎? 24 Billion Passwords Leaked in 2022! Are You Still Using the Same Password Everywhere?

From email to online banking, most of us use passwords daily. Use these password statistics to help inform strong password security and keep you safe.


❏ 2022年全球有240億組密碼遭駭客外洩
❏ 超過 80% 已確認的外洩事件和密碼被盜、弱密碼或重複使用密碼有關
❏ 有96% 常見的密碼組合可以在不到一秒的時間內用駭客工具破解


🆖 89% 的人即使知道在不同服務使用相同密碼會帶來安全風險,仍只有 12% 的人真的會為不同服務創建不同密碼
🆖 每10個人裡就有6個人承認他們會重複使用密碼




🔑 使用強密碼(務必長且複雜,比如混合數字及符號,有專家建議至少16 碼以上)
🔑 不要使用很好猜到/取得的個人資訊作為密碼(生日、身分證字號⋯)
🔑 使用二階段驗證
🔑 不要分享或共用密碼
🔑 不要將密碼存在不安全的地方(桌子底下的便利貼)
㊙️ 覺得密碼要長又要複雜很難記,請使用可信任的密碼管理軟體吧!


Renowned antivirus software provider Norton has compiled a report that unveils some startling statistics about account security:

❏ In 2022, 24 billion sets of passwords were leaked by hackers globally.
❏ Over 80% of confirmed data breaches were related to stolen, weak, or reused passwords.
❏ 96% of common password combinations can be cracked by hacker tools in less than a second.

These statistics highlight the frequent occurrence of password theft or leaks in our daily lives. However, many people continue to manage their passwords in highly risky ways, despite being aware of the dangers. According to the same report:

🆖 89% of people know that using the same password for different services poses a security risk, yet only 12% actually create unique passwords for different services.
🆖 6 out of 10 people admit to reusing passwords.

Weak passwords, use some personal information that’s easy to guess, or reused passwords...
All of these are bad password habits, do they sound familiar to you?

Adopting strong account protection measures can be inconvenient, and breaking bad habits can be challenging, making it difficult to maintain good password practices. Often, it isn't until we experience a significant data breach or password theft that we decide to change our habits.

But it's never too late!

We've gathered some basic tips from cybersecurity companies and experts to help you strengthen your account security right now:
🔑 Use strong passwords (make them long and complex, combining numbers and symbols; experts suggest at least 16 characters)
🔑 Avoid using easily guessed or obtained personal information as passwords (birthdays, ID numbers, etc.)
🔑 Enable two-factor authentication
🔑 Do not share or reuse passwords
🔑 Do not store passwords in insecure places (a post-it under your desk)
㊙️ If you find it hard to remember long and complex passwords, use a trusted password manager!

Start changing your password habits today!

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