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Notes from 2023 Taiwan Pride 【亞洲鬧世代於2023年10月28日參加了臺灣同志遊行】

Notes from 2023 Taiwan Pride 【亞洲鬧世代於2023年10月28日參加了臺灣同志遊行】

Generation Now Asia attended Taiwan Pride on 28th October 2023, to celebrate diversity and equality, while also advocating for the rights of LGBTQ+ youth in Southeast Asian countries.

GNA gathered at Taipei City Hall Plaza, with friends from various countries including Taiwan, Cambodia and Thailand. Pride offered a great opportunity for us to connect with our GNA community and march side by side with fellow LGBTQ+ rights advocates.

We followed Amnesty International Taiwan’s truck, marching along the yellow procession route with fellow civil society groups.

GNA's commitment to fostering change and empowering youth was beautifully showcased during the parade - Zari, an intern at GNA, was invited to speak on Amnesty International Taiwan's truck, addressing the enthusiastic crowd.

Zari stated:

Hello everyone!  We are Generation Now Asia, and we are delighted to be here at the Taiwan Pride Parade. GNA is an organization dedicated to human rights and social issues in Southeast Asia. We firmly believe in the power of youth to drive change and create a better future.

While we are here today to celebrate diversity and equality, we must also acknowledge that LGBTQ+ youth in Southeast Asian countries are still in the midst of a struggle for their rights.

We know that the path to equality and democracy is never an easy one to tread. Therefore, we are working to bridge the gap between youth in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, aiming to amplify their voices and facilitate mutual learning.

We believe that a better understanding of this issue and the solidarity between youth in Taiwan and Southeast Asia will pave the way toward a more inclusive future. GNA will persist in organizing activities that empower youth on both sides. We hope that everyone can join us in our efforts to effect change!

GNA's presence at the parade was further highlighted by a feature in The News Lens' photo story from the 2023 Taiwan Pride Parade.

You can view The News Lens full article here: https://international.thenewslens.com/article/186632

GNA also prepared for the parade by hosting an arts and crafts, placard-making evening, reinforcing our commitment to creativity, activism and community building.


GNA 與來自臺灣、柬埔寨和泰國等不同國家的朋友齊聚臺北市政府廣場。同志遊行為我們提供了一個很好的機會,讓我們與GNA的社群建立聯繫,並與其他 LGBTQ+權利倡議人士並肩遊行。



Zari説:「大家好! 我們是亞洲鬧世代,很高興來到臺灣同志遊行的現場。GNA 是一個致力於東南亞人權和社會議題的組織。我們堅信青年的力量能夠推動變革,創造更美好的未來。」

雖然我們今天在這裡慶祝多樣性和平等,但我們也必須承認,東南亞國家的 LGBTQ+青年仍在為自己的權利而奮鬥。