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【亞洲鬧世代青年選舉觀察團】2024 GNA Youth Election Observation Tour

【亞洲鬧世代青年選舉觀察團】2024 GNA Youth Election Observation Tour

Join Generation Now Asia's (GNA) 2024 Youth Election Observation Tour for youth and students in Taiwan! Understand Taiwan's presidential election, dive into social issues, and engage in collective learning with fellow young people - Don't miss this chance for a unique educational experience of Taiwan’s democratic process!

GNA Election Observation Tour Agenda: 

2024/01/11 Thursday 19:00-21:00pm - A pre-election panel discussion
Topic 1: Taiwan’s election-related regulations and historical context (Dr. Chiung-chu Lin, Department of Political Science, National Chung Cheng University)
Topic 2: Focal points for 2024 presidential election (Da-Wun Sie, Freelance Journalist)
Topic 3: Election observation skill training (GNA team)

2024/01/12 Friday 16:00-21:00pm - Election preparation observation & campaign night
Group observation: Polling station preparation observation 
Group observation: Final campaign night before election day

 2024/01/13 Saturday 15:00-21:00pm - Election observation & discussion party
Group observation: Visiting polling stations for voting observation & counting observation
Group election party: Gathering to watch the presidential election results together over food and drinks, participant observation sharing and having open discussion

Further Info:

Tour fee: NTD400
Deposit: NTD1000

To reserve your spot please fill in the registration form giving the last 5 numbers of your bank account and transfer 1,400 to GNA’s bank account (808 玉山 E.SUN Commercial Bank 0048940019466). The NTD1000 will be refunded to participants on Saturday (01/13) evening.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/6jLqQyoAcLoW4aan8

This Youth Election Observation Tour will take place in Taipei, the exact address will be sent to confirmed participants. Participants are expected to attend all 3 day’s activities. 

Confirmed applicants will be notified by 8 January 2024

Spaces for this tour are limited—Sign up now to ensure you don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Please note: This election observation tour does not include insurance coverage. Please make sure you buy insurance in advance if you have any concerns.

參加亞洲鬧世代(GNA) 2024年東南亞青年學生與台灣青年選舉觀察團! 了解台灣2024大選,深入探討社會議題,與年輕人一起集體學習-不要錯過這次獨特的台灣民主進程教育體驗機會!

GNA 選舉觀察團議程:

2024/01/11 星期四 19:00~21:00pm - 選前座談
主題一:台灣選舉相關法規及歷史背景(林瓊珠副教授, 國立中正大學政治學系)
主題二:2024 年總統選舉的焦點(謝達文, 自由撰稿人)

2024/01/12 星期五 16:00~21:00pm - 觀察選前準備及選前之夜

2024/01/13 星期六 15:00~21:00pm - 選舉觀察及討論會


觀選團費:新台幣 400元

請填寫報名表並提供您銀行帳戶的末5 碼,並將 1,400 轉至 GNA 的銀行帳戶(玉山銀行代碼808 帳號0048940019466),以保留您的名額。 NTD1000將於星期六(01/13)晚上退還給參加者。


本次青年選舉觀察活動將在台北舉行,具體地址將發送給已確認的參與者。 參與者應出席並參加為期 3 天的活動。

參與者將於 2024 年 1 月 8 日前收到通知


請注意:這次選舉觀察之旅不包括保險。 如果您有任何疑慮,請務必提前購買保險。