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【GNA 為青年變革者提供志工服務學習機會】GNA offers volunteering opportunities for youth changemakers

【GNA 為青年變革者提供志工服務學習機會】GNA offers volunteering opportunities for youth changemakers


為什麼要加入 GNA 當志工?

  • 有影響力的活動:加入致力於為台灣和東南亞青年培養韌性、團結和機會的團體
  • 網路和社群:與熱衷於人權的志同道合的人、專家和導師建立聯繫
  • 技能發展:培養溝通和團隊合作技能,同時做出實際的改變

加入 GNA 當志工的優點?

  • GNA 可以為學術或專業活動提供志工推薦信
  • GNA 可以提供志工服務成就證書
  • GNA邀請志工參加非政府組織活動和人權相關活動

GNA 有哪些志工服務機會?



  • 媒體監測和 GNA週報:研究和瞭解東南亞緊迫的人權議題,並向 GNA 社群提供重要的每週新聞。與您的隊友一起為GNA的核心專案發行週報。
  • 社群媒體、研究和文章:製作引人入勝的社群媒體和網站內容,提高人們對東南亞人權議題的認識。
  • 教育、文化和社群建設活動:為臺灣人和東南亞人舉辦活動,建立草根參與知識,並提供文化交流和區域團結的平臺。


準備好改變世界了嗎? 請填寫表格進行申請,並告訴我們您最感興趣的志工機會。 我們將盡快與您聯繫,討論下一步事宜: https://forms.gle/ANZEzSZvigtf9ebW6

如有任何疑問,請隨時聯絡 application@gna.tw

We believe in the power of volunteers to create meaningful change and provide invaluable support to our youth programs.

Why Volunteer with GNA?

  • Impactful Initiatives: Join a community dedicated to fostering resilience, solidarity and opportunities for Taiwanese and Southeast Asian youth
  • Network and Community: Connect with like-minded individuals, experts, and mentors passionate about human rights
  • Skill Development: Develop communication and teamwork skills while making a tangible difference

What are the benefits of volunteering with GNA?

  • GNA can provide volunteers recommendation letters for academic or professional endeavours
  • GNA can provide volunteers with a certificate of their volunteering achievements
  • GNA invites volunteers to attend NGO events and human rights related activities

What volunteer opportunities does GNA have available?

We have a range of volunteer opportunities available to suit various interests, skills, and time commitments. We have divided our volunteer opportunities up into working groups to help youth work together and support each other.

Please see below the introduction to each working group:

  • Media Monitoring and GNA Weekly: Researching and keeping up to date with pressing human rights issues in Southeast Asia and presenting important weekly news to GNA’s community. Issuing GNA Weekly with your teammates for the core project of GNA.
  • Social Media, Research and Articles: Raising awareness of Southeast Asia’s human rights issues by producing engaging social media and website content.
  • Educational, Cultural and Community Building Events: Organising events for Taiwanese and Southeast Asians to build knowledge on grassroots engagement and provide a platform for cultural exchange and regional solidarity.

Here are just a few examples of skills that can be incredibly valuable to our organisation, though this list is by no means exhaustive:

Translation, writing, research, media monitoring, event planning, facilitation, graphic design, photography, videography, illustration, accounting, and much much more!

Whatever your talents or interests may be, there's a place for you to contribute and make a difference with us. We value diversity and recognise that each individual brings unique strengths to our community.

How to Apply

Ready to make a difference? Please fill out the form to apply and let us know which volunteer opportunity interests you most. We'll get in touch with you shortly to discuss the next steps: https://forms.gle/ANZEzSZvigtf9ebW6 

If you have any questions regarding our volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact application@gna.tw