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結束緬甸的致命空襲! End deadly airstrikes in Myanmar!

結束緬甸的致命空襲! End deadly airstrikes in Myanmar!






End deadly airstrikes in Myanmar!!

Over three years have passed since Myanmar's military junta launched their coup on February 1st 2021, which has killed over 4,500 civilians and democracy activists, seen thousands arrested, tortured, and caused a spiralling human rights and humanitarian catastrophe. 

The Myanmar military has repeatedly conducted relentless airstrikes in response to a fierce armed resistance that fights to overturn Myanmar’s military rule. The resistance forces are against Myanmar’s military-dominated political system and are fighting to advance to a more just and equitable society. However, many of the military's airstrikes have been conducted in populated areas with relentless aerial attacks and collective punishment on civilians and civilian targets, including destroying homes, churches, schools and hospitals. 

Among countless other crimes during its ongoing operations, human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported that the military has repeatedly fired explosive weapons with wide area effects, including artillery and mortars, into civilian areas. The military's extensive and systematic abuses make up crimes against humanity and war crimes.

As conflict has intensified across much of the country, according to U.N.’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) it has displaced 2.6 million people since the coup began 3 years ago. 

We have seen insufficient international endeavours to halt these violations. Let’s come together and call for collective action to pressure the military to stop its abuses and halt its deadly airstrikes. Let’s stand with the people of Myanmar as they fight for democracy and freedom!