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GNA 出席移工集會 Generation Now Asia attended the Migrant Workers Rally

GNA 出席移工集會 Generation Now Asia attended the Migrant Workers Rally

本週日(2023 年 12 月 10 日, GNA出席移工集會,與所有生活在台灣的移工站在一起,呼籲政府廢除私人仲介制度並敦促政府承擔直接僱用的責任。

目前,台灣的移工勞動力在其母國 — 如印尼、菲律賓、泰國及越南等,皆會利用仲介搜尋在台的工作機會。然而,這種人力仲介系統使移工暴露於剝削和負債累累的風險之中。 仲介利用移民招聘的跨境性質,收取不合理的高額費用,移民工人在來台灣之前必須向他們祖國的就業經紀人支付80,000至200,000新台幣。

我們在政府直聘聯合服務中心集合,舉著寫有 "仲介滾蛋 "的標牌在台北市遊行,最後在勞動部結束集會,呼籲 "政府醒來"。


GNA 很高興能在這場集會看到諸多青年為了爭取平等與我們一起上街遊行,特別是最近參與 GNA 青年培力營的各位熱情參與這場集會。GNA 來自泰國的實習生 Earn 表示: 「作為一個泰國人,當我看到當地人為移工的權利而奮鬥時,我覺得非常有意義。 儘管在這個問題上還有很多需要改進的地方,但集會顯示出公民社會正在努力使這個民主國家成為每個人,而不僅僅是台灣人,都能生活的空間。」


Generation Now Asia attended the Migrant Workers Rally this Sunday, 10th December 2023, to stand together in solidarity with all migrant workers living in Taiwan, while calling for the abolishment of the private broker system and urging the government to take responsibility for direct hiring.

Taiwan’s migrant workforce currently navigates a complex web of agencies in their home countries—places like Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. This labor brokerage system exposes migrant workers to exploitation and burdensome debts owed to these agencies. Brokers exploit the cross-border nature of migrant recruitment, charging unreasonably high fees, with migrant workers having to pay between NT$80,000 and NT$200,000 to an employment broker in their home country before coming to Taiwan.

We gathered at the Government's Direct Hiring Joint Service Center, and marched across Taipei dawning placards with phrases of “Brokers Get Out” and ended the rally at The Ministry of Labor, calling for the “Government [to] Wake Up” . 

The rally gathered a diverse coalition of migrant workers, activists, civil society organisations and unions, marking a significant protest in the fight for equality and fair treatment. 

GNA was thrilled to have the enthusiastic participation of young members from our community at the rally, particularly those who recently engaged in our GNA Youth Capacity Building Program. Reflecting on the rally Earn, GNA’s intern from Thailand commented “As a person from Thailand, I found it very meaningful when I saw local people fighting for migrant workers’ rights. Even though there is still a lot to be improved on this issue, the rally shows that civil society is trying to make this democratic country a livable space for everyone, not only for Taiwanese.”

The impassioned voices during the rally underscored the necessity for greater hiring support and fairer treatment of migrant workers' invaluable contributions to Taiwan's society and economy.