Our work 我們的工作

Our work 我們的工作

Research on Taiwan's civic space: Given the trend of the closing of civic space, civil society in the region is facing an unprecedented challenge. GNA works to evaluate and promote Taiwan's social and legal conditions in terms of playing an active role in the regional civil society.


Annual strategic workshop/meeting: GNA creates open space and opportunities for CSOs, youths, and community organizers in our region to get together to create ideas. We identify key issues that we are cared about and further develop collaborations to tackle them.


Internship and short-term exchange for youth change-makers: Youths and local communities are vital assets for building an inclusive society. GNA provides internships and opportunities for youths from the Southeast Asia to learn in Taiwan with the Taiwanese local communities and CSOs.  Stay tuned with us and apply for the internship program!


Capacity building (workshop for personal security): Today, the knowledge of digital and physical security is necessary for everyone. GNA provides workshops on personal security for youths to enhance their resilience for their activism.