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GNA實習生招募中開放申請!GNA Internship program calls for applicants! (CN/EN)


Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people? Do you believe in the power of education, mentorship, and community engagement to transform the future?  Do you want to work with youths from diverse social and cultural backgrounds?  If so, Generation Now Asia invites you to apply to join our GNA Internship program.



作為GNA實習生,您將有機會與我們的專業團隊密切合作,經營GNA的社群媒體平台和青年培力計畫。 這個實習機會能夠讓你或的在非營利部門的實際工作經驗,你將接觸到研究與撰文、翻譯與校對、校園活動籌備與舉辦、社群帳號經營與維護和專案計畫執行工作。同時,我們也提供基礎的培訓課程給實習夥伴,實習夥伴也將參與不同公民社會組織的活動與記者會!

Internship Overview:

As a GNA Intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work closely with our dedicated team to assist in GNA’s social media operations and youth empowerment program.

This internship is designed to provide you with practical experience in the nonprofit sector, where you will gain hands-on experience in various aspects of community outreach, research, translation and program development. At the same time, GNA provides trainings for interns to enhance certain NGO skills. You will also be able to attend civil society activities and press conferences with GNA.


  • 每週你將廣蒐東南亞社會運動、人權與公民社會議題,協助撰寫網站和週報內容
  • 協助將內容從英文翻譯中文,並編輯成社群平台內文
  • 協助擬訂計畫來提升GNA的社群能見度

Social Media Operations Responsibilities:

  • Research weekly news about Southeast Asian social and civil society issues to help create content for social media and website
  • Assist with English to Mandarin Chinese translation and Mandarin proofreading
  • Contribute to communication efforts to raise awareness about our organization's mission and achievements



Youth Empowerment Program Responsibilities:

  • Support the GNA team to plan and deliver engaging workshops and educational events for young people
  • Contribute to program evaluation efforts by writing records and reports on our initiatives
  • Aid with promoting community outreach activities, fostering relationships with local universities and youth clubs



  • 對東南亞人權議題有興趣
  • 流利的中文書面和口頭溝通能力
  • 流暢的英文溝通能力
  • 有台灣居留證和工作許可證
  • 能夠獨立工作也能和團隊合作
  • 優異的組織能力並能細心處理工作
  • 熟悉Microsoft Office、Google Drive、社群媒體平台和基本電腦應用程式

Requirements / minimum qualifications:

  • An interest in human rights issues in Southeast Asia
  • Fluency and demonstrated excellent command of written and communication skills in Mandarin Chinese
  • Good command of communication skills in English
  • Taiwan’s residency and work permit
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, google drive, social media platforms and basic computer applications


  • 社團參與或執行活動經驗
  • 社群帳號經營經驗
  • NGO參與經驗
  • 理解東南亞社會議題與人權議題

Other qualifications :

  • Experience in the implementation of activities or projects
  • Experience in social media account management
  • Experience in NGO relevant activities or internship
  • Understanding of social issues and human rights issues in Southeast Asia





  • 12 week internship program
  • aprox 8 hours per week



Additional Details:

  • This is a paid internship program
  • The internship will be held at GNA’s office in Taipei City
  • This internship is open to 2 people






Please send a document with your biography and your motivation to apply (500 words if written in English or 700 words if written in mandarin) to hiring@gna.tw with the email title: “GNA Internship Program-Your Name”

GNA will invite qualified candidates to an interview.  Before the in-person interview, the candidate will be asked to complete a written assessment at the assigned time. Once the assignment is submitted, GNA will arrange the interview with the candidate. If there is a necessity, GNA will ask the candidate for a follow-up interview.