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《緬甸,最後一搏》 Myanmar : the last stand

《緬甸,最後一搏》 Myanmar : the last stand

《緬甸,最後一搏》 Myanmar : the last stand





Recommended by Kiwi:

This comic book is very suitable for those who want an introductory book to understand Myanmar with Mandarin Chinese and English. In vivid and delicate strokes, it portrays the response of the Myanmar people to the military coup’s seizure of power, from division to unity among ethnic groups, as they strive for democracy and freedom despite being isolated and unsupported.

The civil war in Myanmar has persisted for over half a century, resulting in the country being under authoritarian rule for an extended period. Due to the complex and diverse ethnic and political landscape, it is difficult for people to grasp what is happening in Myanmar at a glance. The recent military coup has further set back Myanmar's democratic progress by decades. The suffering endured by the people of Myanmar is beyond words.

"Deep empathy, profound admiration" is my feeling after reading this comic book. Guns may end the lives of the protesters, but they cannot extinguish the resistance emanating from the soul.

"They aim for the head. But they don’t know that the revolution resides in the hearts of the people." - Khet Thi, Myanmar poet.